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Retweeted From Valley Invicta Teacher Training (VITT)

Are you considering a career in teaching? Or are you already a teacher? We are offering the opportunity to visit one of our primary schools on Thurs 24 March 2022 between 3.30pm-5pm so you can see what we have to offer first-hand. Book here: https://t.co/ANKi3OvBIO


Don't forget, tomorrow is Times Tables Rock Stars day, when all children can dress up as a rock star! We can't wait to see their outfits! https://t.co/n7t3PuQJpb


Don't forget this Friday, pupils can bring in 50p to buy an ice pole! All the money raised will go towards the school playground appeal. https://t.co/OwZX4G6r6r


Did you know that SET Tennis deliver lessons and clubs at East Borough? The children really enjoy these sessions, make good progress and we would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone who would like to give it a go! https://t.co/WukI7aOoAe


Parent Breakfast! Come and join us for a light breakfast, after you have dropped your children off at the beginning of the day! Young children are welcome. Where: Main Hall When: Wednesday 13th October Teachers will drop in to say hello - we'd love to see you there. https://t.co/R7zUmiwQy1


The PTA is looking to provide a second-hand uniform service and would greatly appreciate any donations of school jumpers or cardigans, summer dresses, logo t-shirts and grey skirts and trousers that are in good condition. Please bring your donations to the main school reception. https://t.co/9PbKJ5nhhh


Well done, Sophia! Runner-up in the Big Writing Challenge! We are so proud. Find out more and read Sophia's fantastic story here - https://t.co/RKjF93AEdE https://t.co/yg6OFa9Q2c


Would you like to join our friendly team? We are currently looking for a Teaching Assistant to work in our Specialist Resource Provision. You can find all the details on our website: https://t.co/KY7wa9ItQK https://t.co/CVhLqDwbCD


A reminder that this Friday (25 June) is a staff development say so children do not need to come into school. https://t.co/uvDErgLSOc


The latest edition of our Trust's Online Safety Newsletter is now available. This edition covers information and issues including: keeping your child safe online, social media, fake news, online grooming, protecting your privacy and online gaming. https://t.co/OwdVj18U11 https://t.co/jjdZWhIB8i


Would you, or someone you know, like to train to teach?Come to one of our allocated sessions on Wednesday 30 June 2021, at the School of Science & Technology Maidstone, to find out about the courses that we offer through the Trust. More information here: https://t.co/iqfxMwnLmD


Retweeted From VIAT

Would you like to join our friendly team at SST Maidstone? We are currently recruiting for a Learning Mentor to provide 1:1, small group and class-based support. You can find all the details, and apply, here: https://t.co/WfR4eLpzI5 https://t.co/Y1y6YsAGsN


Retweeted From VIAT

Would you, or someone you know, like to train to teach?Come to one of our allocated sessions on Wednesday 30 June 2021, at the School of Science & Technology Maidstone, to find out about the courses that we offer through the Trust. More information here: https://t.co/Duw2yziCvx https://t.co/oPoVPZtOIi


Two of our fantastic pupils have made it into the Primary category top five! Well done Tida and Zainab! https://t.co/tXGz8GZgNt


Another brilliant song by the Valley Park virtual school choir - and this time for Red Nose Day. Please share and donate if you are able! https://t.co/3yPJ0vq4XD


Valley Park School is holding its first Community Art Auction on YouTube, on Thurs 4 March at 7pm. The virtual live event will raise money for Dementia UK & there will be a range of artwork to purchase - don't miss it! https://t.co/J22jyRrAkM


Well done to all our pupils who took part in the VIAT photography collage competition over half term - there were some stunning entries! https://t.co/4yzsmE7kSL


For this week's primary challenge, we asked pupils to draw a picture of what they're missing about being in normal school lessons, as well as what they like about learning at home. Emilia from Year 6 sent in this brilliant drawing! https://t.co/TJc6UCy5Fb


This week's challenge was for our pupils to show off their cookery skills - and they've done a brilliant job! Just look at these amazing creations! https://t.co/cswnk114Bu


The Primary Weekly Challenge this week was to see how many star jumps you could do in one minute... well done to everyone who took part! Our star jumping champion is Emilie who managed to do 98! Amazing! https://t.co/ihltbc3qLJ


Don't miss the latest edition of our Trust's Online Safety Newsletter - it's full of really useful information, hints and tips! Find it here: https://t.co/vuyyiVGKph https://t.co/cYlqUp3oD1


We received a lovely note today thanking East Borough for the presents and handmade card, delievered to an 86 year old gentleman living in sheltered housing, just before Christmas. We're so delighted to have been able to help. Read the full note here: https://t.co/X1qZ9UtGp7 https://t.co/BJsS427sPf


Over Christmas and New Year, we revamped our library so the children have something exciting to come back to when we are all allowed to be in school again. We are thrilled with how it's turned out and can't wait for all our pupils to be able to enjoy it! https://t.co/7hH4gC7L19


Favourite book alert! This is what Emilie had to say about Alex Rider novel, Stormbreaker, by 'ACTION, ADRENALINE, ADVENTURE! I like this book because it's so exciting. It’s full of action all along. Alex is extremely courageous and always takes risks.' https://t.co/8Got8Cqu1H


Just a few of the East Borough nature photos submitted as part of the VIAT Primary Weekly Challenge - aren't they great? https://t.co/5IPHA9hsAQ


Are you a teacher looking for a new challenge? Come and join our friendly team at East Borough! You can find all the details on our website - https://t.co/1rEz9G9Wy7 We're looking forward to hearing from you. https://t.co/e73XZnP3dJ


Are you a teacher looking for a new challenge? Come and join our friendly team! We are currently looking for a Key Stage 2 classroom teacher to work at our fantastic school. You can find all the details on our website - https://t.co/1rEz9G9Wy7 https://t.co/jvkncE8HG5


If you're looking for a school place (Reception) for your child from September 2021, please come and view our fantastic school. Due to current restrictions and limited numbers, you will need to book a place through the link on our website: https://t.co/aZdDsPQMe9 https://t.co/WaYWwEHxlS


We're absolutely delighted to have achieved the prestigious Music Mark Award. The hard work & dedication of our fantastic Music teacher, Karen Hill, is hugely appreciated - the children love her lessons & anyone who has heard our 50-strong choir will know how amazing they sound! https://t.co/Ff8mosxWWL


There have been some amazing entries for the VIAT Transition Project! You can see all the submissions so far, from the pupils joining VIAT's secondary schools in September & find some inspiration to create your own, on the dedicated website. Details here: https://t.co/xdMIA4Ei4x https://t.co/VKbtLtbGF4


Miss Morley has been busy with her contacts, she knows so many people, including Mr Maker! https://t.co/rI6irIXbnC


Thank you to the lovely Andy from CBeebies for sending us a special message to East Borough. https://t.co/KQzPG5rkEJ


With access to libraries, classrooms and bookshops limited for most children, Books for Topics have been busy finding some of the best online story times for children to use freely at home: https://t.co/oDc7b3UGNJ Have a look! We think they're great! https://t.co/3SKGRftKHu


After the huge success of our Stay Creative competition, we're launching another! This time, there's a STEAM focus so we'd like to see work around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. All VIAT students can take part! Full details here: https://t.co/6evn2XGNgf https://t.co/8pP3fDrrax


We are proud to be supporting . The VIAT Leadership Team have put together this fantastic video of them sharing a cup of tea! https://t.co/RoMXIlQZSB https://t.co/g9Uw79l02c


We need your help! National Book Tokens are running a competition for schools to win £5000 of book tokens for the school library (and to get a £100 book token for yourself). Please use the link to nominate Valley Invicta Primary School at East Borough! https://t.co/oaB56l8FSE https://t.co/y0rZnioIfs


The Stay Creative competition winners have been announced! There were over 250 entries which included painting, photography, crochet and digital illustrations - and the standard was amazing! The winning entries can be seen here: https://t.co/00rGeek8lD Well done everyone! https://t.co/RigGDcTlhy


Are you in Year 6 and joining one of the VIAT family of schools (Invicta Grammar, SST Maidstone, The Lenham School or Valley Park) in September? Why don't you take part in our transition project? All the info you need is right here - https://t.co/gZtWpjioDE - or scan the QR code! https://t.co/pex2f2DoTd


We are looking forward to 'welcoming back' all our fantastic pupils, for more online school learning, on Monday (20 April). We hope you had a great Easter break!


Entering a new situation, whatever it may be, can be an anxious time for children and adults alike. At East Borough, we have carefully thought through the different challenges that our pupils and parents face at each stage of their transition into school, through school and on to Year 7.

Not only does our Personal Development curriculum build our pupils' resilience but also develops their understanding of the transition process. Additionally, we put in place a number of measures to ensure that the move to a different year group is as smooth as possible for all involved. 

Please read more about the support we give parents and pupils in the transition sections below.

EYFS to Year 1

We know that the transition from EYFS to Year One can be a daunting one. At East Borough, we have a carefully planned transition programme which allows for a smooth transition into Year One and for this to have a positive impact on the children.

Below are some of our shared aims and principles that guide this transition process:

  • Ensure that we retain the best of EYFS practice while recognising that Year One is different.
  • Making the change from EYFS to Year One practice at a pace that is not too quick so that children continue to feel confident, secure, and successful.
  • Supporting a gradual change in teaching styles from more informal to more adult-led teaching and independent learning.
  • Taking account of all information that is shared between teachers so that children’s needs are understood, particularly vulnerable children or those with additional needs.
  • Engaging parents in the process so that they know what to expect and can support their children by talking to them about the changes.

Below are some of the organisational strategies which we have in place to support transition:

  • Develop shared outside space for Year One.
  • Develop similar routines and timetables in Y1 to EYFS for Term 1.
  • The same drawer and resource labelling is used in both Year group classrooms.
  • Shared used of resources across both Year groups to support learning in key subjects such as Maths and English.
  • The same language is used when teaching and on learning displays.
  • Year One Class Teachers and TAs visit the children in EYFS during Discovery Time in Term Six to get to know the children.
  • Year One class teachers come for story-time sessions in EYFS during Term Six.
  • Children visit the Year One classrooms as part of transition days and complete fun activities.
  • Staff information pages are provided for children and parents so that they can become familiar with the new adults that will be in their Year One classroom.
  • Classroom booklets are available on the school website so that parents can share them with the children to help them become more familiar with their new classroom.
  • Meet the teacher sessions and reading support sessions for parents take place so that parents are aware of the new expectations of Year One.

Years 1 to 5 - In-school transitions

Information coming soon!

Year 6 transition to secondary school

Sst046  IGS178 

Here at Valley Invicta Primary School at East Borough, we ensure that we prepare our Year 6 pupils for the next stage of their academic journey through an ambitious transition programme, planned in conjunction with the STLS (Specialist Teacher and Learning Service) as well as our own VIAT Transition approach; our children are – by the end of Year 6 – ready to move on to the secondary school as a result of our considered and tailored design.

There are some practical elements that we have introduced to prepare the children for what to expect. At the beginning of the academic year, the pupils are each given their own planner, in a similar style to the one they will receive at secondary school, and are expected to use it with independence, noting down important events or things they need to remember. Additionally, they are provided with their own locker to keep their coats and bags in, ensuring they know how to manage the space and keep it tidy.

As the year progresses, the children become more ‘secondary ready’ through a slight shift in approach and expectation from the Year 6 staff members. There is a more robust approach to the handing in of home work and staff encourage pupils to prepare themselves for learning by making sure they have everything they need.

Over the course of the year, our Personal Development curriculum covers content about relationships and peer pressure; helping our pupils to have strategies to support them when they go to a much larger environment with children they don’t know. In addition to this, the pupils undertake the completion of a ‘Transition Booklet’ in school, which includes things such as becoming familiar with a two-week timetable or researching their new destination. The school and Trust also support parents by holding meetings and sending weekly tips and activities that their children can do at home.

As part of our transition approach at VIPS at East Borough, we also ensure the children engage with enrichment activities which, in the past, have included: experience days (doing water sports or attending a ‘Safety in Action’ event, for example), supporting the pupils to develop their independence, confidence and knowledge. We take part in a range of challenge events – such as Maths-based or debate competitions – at the local secondary schools, thus enabling the children to understand the expectation and approach of a new setting. Pupils also have the opportunity to attend transition days at their new school, which they are encouraged to go to in order to familiarise themselves with the school grounds, routines and get to know their future classmates and teachers. 
Our thorough and ambitious transition approach is well-received by pupils and parents alike as we ensure that it is tailored to each cohort, understanding which areas the children may need more support in and review our programme on a yearly basis to ensure that we are providing the children with the skills they require for the next phase of their education.


Family Transition Tip 8

You may be able to use this week to practise the journey to school. Could your son/daughter achieve this independently/with a friend?

Can they remember their journey previously discussed in week 2?  Continue to be positive and encouraging – your son/daughter may have had a visit/meeting with someone from their secondary school? Hopefully this will have been a positive experience for them!


Maidstone Secondary School Open Events Booklet:

Please click here for the Maidstone Secondary School Open Events Booklet. The booklet lists all secondary schools in Maidstone and their Open Day Events in 2022. It is relevant for children who will enter secondary school in September 2023.

We will support pupils wishing to attend these events in school time by authorising absence. Please inform the office if your child will be late because they will be visiting a school.